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-Boz (August 15,2008)

The thing I like the most is you come inside with the greatest vibe to conquer the weakness and the people inside give you all the push and insight towards victory. For all of you I have worked with I am humbled and thankful to the sportsmanship with friendship at CrossFit10.

Thanks to all of you.

– Carita (August 12th, 2008)

Eight months ago I decided that I was going to join the military. The only problem was every time I went to get measured for the Army I was always two or more inches away for my goal measurement. After 5 months of coming short of my goal, my pal Pilar started talking to me about this new style of exercise she was doing, full deep squats, Olympic weight lifting and pulls ups, aka CrossFit.

At first I was skeptical,and Pilar pretty much had to drag me out to CrossFit 10. The first WOD almost killed me, I was sore for a week but I kept at it. The CrossFit 10 support system was like no other. The trainers really pushed me, starting me out with scaled exercises and helping me change my diet and eating habits by introducing me to “The Zone Diet”. After a month I felt myself getting stronger. I was able to do push ups with ease and became the Sweat Queen. Three months in and I was doing Olympic lifts, it was crazy. No one would believe these days I am doing pull ups, cleans and most important of all, I made my goal measurement and lost seven pounds in the process. Amazing I know!!!! I feel so much stronger and more confident. I was finally able to join the Georgia National Guard. Two weekends a month we have physical training drills, my first weekend of drills was a breeze for me. I did so well I ran a mile in eight minutes and forty-three seconds, which is a record for me. In one month I will be heading off for basic training and instead of being scared and worried, I am excited and looking forward to doing well. HOOAH!!!